A superior surface for your hardworking floor

We offer a range of floor sanding options and years of expertise to guarantee an exceptional surface for your timber floors.

Our highly experienced floor sanding team know that it’s the care you take up front that will lay the foundations for a best floor sanding result.

Restoring wood floors to their beautiful best starts with hardwood repair to secure any loose boards and reduce movement. All timber floors are nail punched and filled if required. For extra peace of mind, we recommend filling all feature grade timber floors with a clear epoxy resin system. It’s formulated to match the flex properties of the timber so the timber is not brittle and will not crack as the structure moves naturally throughout the summer and winter months.

Next comes levelling, a process that will refine your timber floors removing marks, scratches and swirls and ensuring a smooth surface to the highest standards. We use the latest in German engineered dust free sanding equipment and a range of professional abrasives to achieve the best results.

Our robust edging machines are all connected to high power dust extraction systems to effectively sand the perimeter of the floor. We take the utmost of care and draw on our experience to ensure no damage is done to skirting, quarter rounds and beading.
We finish off with a vacuum to completely minimise dust preparing the area to be coated.

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