Freshen up your interiors with a new wood look

There’s no need to settle for the same colour timber floor that you’ve had all these years. We can help you revitalise your hardwood floors and update the look and feel of your interiors. Whether it’s modern, coastal charm or dark, moody hues, our staining and woodwash services will breathe new life into your timber floors.

With 26 colour tones to choose from and a range of non-toxic stains available, it’s easy transform your timber floors and create a new look to your interiors. We will work with you to achieve the exact colour match you are after with free samples that you can test in different lights.

Our team carefully rub the stain into the floor by hand to guarantee the best results every time.

Want to match other timber pieces in your house? We also stain kitchen benchtops, tables, staircases and treads.

If you want to achieve an elegant coastal feel to your interiors, Woodwash is the perfect choice. It’s a speciality finish that subtly ages the appearance of timber, highlighting the natural grain to give the look of bleached wood. It’s a milky translucent coating that’s fast drying with no harsh chemical smells. It can be used with a clear sealer if required.

Want a unique colour to your wash? There’s also the option to add a tint. Ask the team to help you find the perfect colour.

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